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Universidade Federal do Ceará
Laboratório da Biologia da Cicatrização, Ontogenia e Nutrição de Tecidos

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Research interests

1. Intestinal stem cell biology. This line of research includes studies with an in vitro organoid model of intestinal crypt stem cells subjected to nutrient restriction or challenged by LPS or bacterial toxins and the involvement of apolipoprotein E.
2. Biology of Brain Ischemia. This line uses global or focal brain ischemia animal models to assess morphofunctional changes in the hippocampus using markers for apoptosis, neurogenesis, and neuronal viability.
3. Biology of the Intestinal Epithelial Barrier. This line of research studies the effects of chemotherapy drugs and/or malnutrition on changes in the intestinal barrier both in epithelial cell monolayers and in an in vivo study with mice. We studied alterations in the Wnt-b-catenin pathway and other markers of apoptosis, proliferation and cell viability with or without intervention by micronutrients and the involvement of apolipoprotein E.
4. Immunobiology of malnutrition and the intestinal microbiome. This line of research studies the effects of malnutrition by basic regional diet and hyperlipidemic diet in atherosclerosis model in apoE knockout animals and their effects on the immune-inflammatory response of the intestinal mucosa, vascular changes, and on bacterial translocation and on the intestinal microbiome.
5. Immunobiology of periodontitis and endodontic disease. This line of research studies the effect of osteoprotective substances on the RANK-L and OPG signaling pathway in periodontitis and experimental endodontic disease and their immunoinflammatory effects and on the oral microbiota.
6. COVID-19 severity and apolipoprotein E genotyping in patients with chronic diseases, including transplanted patients.

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